SOFNEC has long been focused on artificial intelligence-enabled innovations. Since the first release of AZ-Prolog, our proprietary artificial intelligence programming language, in 1989, the company has been dedicated to creating an extensive range of natural language processing systems and expert system applications by leveraging the power of AZ-Prolog for nearly 30 years.

Our core offerings include artificial intelligence (AI) solutions ranging from expert systems (including the one for call center operations) to voice conversation systems, and to deep-learning based image recognition applications.

Our strength also lies in language and middleware development. SOFNEC provides various interfaces to connect different languages, libraries and operating systems to AZ-Prolog. Capitalizing on our expertise and experience in these development efforts, we also work on faster systems and middleware solutions while offering consulting services both to corporate and academic customers.

Founded in 1984, SOFNEC is based in Tokyo, Japan.view the details

Key Facts

Name:SOFNEC Co., Ltd.
Based in:Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Founded in:1984
Capitalized at:20,000,000JPY
Senior leadership:Sakae Takeuchi, President/CEO
Office information4th Floor Interpark Yoyogi
1-21-10 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 151-0053   For more information please email to